Cohesion Party wins Syrian Elections (AP) – July 11, 2030

(Please click for article) Cohesion Party Wins Syrian Elections

The preceding article is both an exercise is speculative realism and hopeful dreaming. With a background in international relations, I find it difficult to believe that such a positive scenario could come to pass, even though this hopeful vision is tempered by several tragic events. However, the building blocks for a prosperous and peaceful Middle East do exist. What is certain is that this relatively idealistic world will not come to pass if the parties involved do not change their policies and fast, particularly with regards to Syria.

Even if the necessary political action is taken to protect civilians, there will never be a Prime Minister Baratawi. Ahmed Al-Baratawi died in Daraa at the age of 24 for refusing to fire on civilians and unarmed protestors, not long after the Syrian revolution began. How many more future leaders, artists, parents, statesmen, businesswomen, and others will have to die before the world says enough?

I wrote this piece to show what is possible with courage, conviction, and political compromise. I encourage you to think about how the actions taken by individuals and our governments (for we must not forget that they belong to us) today will have important effects on millions in the future.


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